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Your phone calls shouldn't be costing your company an arm or leg anymore. Upgrade to our crystal clear VOIP services today!

With the power of the internet, phone calls can now be made at a fraction of the cost of normal Telkom calls. And with crystal clear call quality, why would you still be using the old, more expensive degraded phone systems?

Take your company to the next level.

From small start-ups to large corporate companies, we have various VOIP solutions to find your unique business needs.
Our goal at Maltechno Bytes is to ensure your VoIP services stand up to your business needs and are not negatively affecting your bottom line. Our IT professionals know how to streamline intercompany networking and increase company productivity.

Why choose our VOIP systems?

Powerful and scalable VOIP and PBX solutions designed to give your company more.


Our friendly trained support team provides exceptional service whenever you need it!


Our flexible PBX system can and will grow and retract to suit your exact business needs.


You’ll be up and running in two weeks! The set-up process is simple, seamless and stress-free.


A beautifully designed, easy-to-use interface. Our  support team is a call away to help you too!


Enhance your brand with a system that improves communication with your customers.


Our VOIP system is jam packed with features, is hassle-free, reliable and easy to use.

What makes our VOIP/PABX better?

Our VOIP benefits:
Our PABX benefits:
• Superior quality of service
• Lower call costs through per-second billing
• Expedited voice data across the network
• Redundant architecture to ensure uninterrupted connectivity
• Increased access to converged applications
• Ability to add extra functionality with ease​
• It's now easier to make/receive local or international calls
• Reduced capital expenditure and maintenance costs

Have some questions about VOIP?

Here are some of the most frequently questions we get about VOIP/PABX systems.

Is it possible to keep my original number?

Yes, Maltechno Bytes can help you "port" your own number, so you don't have to go through all the hassle of changing your business number. 

What equipment is needed to convert our line?

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What is the process to get started with installation?

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How long does it take to install the system?

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